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(deadline 15th November 2013)


December 2003 – December 2013: Porphyra has been online for 10 years now! For our twentieth issue we expect for really good articles. Moreover, from now on, issues will no longer be based on one single theme: Porphyra will therefore accept articles and texts which deal with any subject linked to Byzantium (art, religion, literature, history etc..). Whoever is interested in sending us a contibution is kindly requested to submit it no later than 15th November 2013. Porphyra is a peer-review journal. A proposal is no longer enough for a contribution: the whole article must be sent and approved by our staff. Conditio sine qua non for articles to be accepted is the respect of the editorial rules you find below. As in issue XVIII, it is also possible to send us reviews which will be published in the appropiatesection once approved by our staff. • To send an article email: redazione(at)porphyra(dot)it [replace with appropriate symbols]; • To send a review email: recensioni(at)porphyra(dot)it [replace with appropriate symbols]. Download:

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